Monday, 27 December 2010

2010 calendar

Please note: This calendar is subject to change.
Please contact the convenor or email the blog author for confirmation.

16 January
Show and Tell and Problem Solving day

20 February 
retail: Rex and Evelyn Reynolds Yarns
workshop: Double Knitting - Lynne

20 March
retail: The Wool Inn - Anita, featuring garments from Jo Sharp
workshop: Tunisian Crochet - Vicki

17 April
retail: The Wool Inn - Anita
workshop: crochet a special rug - Anita

15 May
retail: Lush Yarns - Michelle and Marie
workshop: slip stitch colourwork - Lynne

19 June
retail: Viginia Farm Woolworks - Jenny and Phillip Dunn
demonstration: needle felting

17 July
retail: Suzanne's House of Wool (hand dyed yarns and fibre) - Suzanne
all day workshop: colourwork and feral knitting - with Lynn Johnson $40 (members only)

21 August
all day workshop:  Moebius Knitting - Jude Skeers $40 (members only)

18 September
retail: Wooldancer (hand-dyed and handspun yarns, and fibre) - Michelle Snowdon
workshop:  different cast on techniques - Lynne

16 October
workshop: Colour Theory for Knitting - Fiona Donovan (Inner City group)
members' stash sale

20 November - Annual General Meeting
retail: Belisa Cashmere (yarn) - Bev Cooper

18 December retail: book sale - Keith Ainsworth
Christmas Party

Monday, 20 December 2010

December meeting 2010

Executive News

  • Guild will be represented at craft shows at Rose Hill, Darling Harbour and Homebush. Veronica Moschione would like some help for the Rose Hill Craft Expo in March.
  • Guild is seeking original patterns in knit or crochet for books to be printed by the Guild to celebrate 25 years in 2011.
  • There are seven Guild Coffee Mugs available for sale and plenty of copies of The Australian Afghan book.
  • Guest speaker is needed for the AGM in March 2011. Any suggestions, please contact Merrin or Kate.
  • Guild’s Library list now available online.

Group News

  • If there are any books you would like purchased for our library please let Joanne know.
  • Joanne has put our library list on a USB and Kate is going to put it online. It will be available next month on
  • Robyn Green, who started our group, has been nominated for lifetime membership. A supporting letter and nomination will be sent to the Guild Executive.
  • Fees for lace workshop in March (with Galena) must be paid to Vicki at January meeting

Other Knittting News
  •  Scarf competition as part of the Rhythm of Life festival in Geelong in 2011. Contact Clare or visit the website:

Next Month
  • Workshop: colour work / Fair Isle Knitting with Terry; bring colours, no white or cream, 5ply is best and appropriate needles; part two of this workshop will be held in February

  • NSW Knitters' Guild Membership fees are due in January; membership forms can be downloaded from the Guild website.
  • Blue Mountains Group members: please let Ann (treasurer) know if you have renewed.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

November meeting 2010

The AGM of the Blue Mountains Group
 All positions declared vacant and the of last AGM accepted.
Group Annual Report:
  • Merrin stepped down as convenor when elected President of the Guild.
  • Alison stepped in as convenor even though she was a new member.
  • We had workshops by Lynne on Double Knitting, Slip stitch Colourwork and Cast on Techniques; Vicki gave a workshop on Tunisian crochet. Many thanks, Lynne and Vicki. Anita and Bess from the wool Inn held a workshop on the Hungarian “stash eater” Rug .
  • We had two all day workshops. One from Jude Skeers on Moebius Knitting and one from Lynne Johnson on Feral Knitting and colorwork.
  • We had retail visits from The Wool Inn, Evelyn and Rex Reynolds, Lush Yarns, Virginia Farm Woolworks, Suzanne’s House of Wool, Wooldancer and Belisa Cashmere .
  • We held a stash sale and had many wonderful show and tell sessions.
  • Our member won prizes and exhibited at the RAS, Hawkesbury , St Ives , Blacktown and Castle Hill Shows.
  • Members participated in the Kurrajong Back-to-Back Challenge, Wrap with Love and WWKIP Day .

Group Executive
Convenor - Terry
Secretary - Diane
Treasurer - Ann

Other organisational volunteers
Workshop convenor - Vicki
Blog - Lynne
“Meet and Greet” - Rosie
Afternoon tea roster - Yvonne
Library - Jo

 General Business
Jo will ring people to remind them that their library book is late; fee will be charged if book is more than two months late.
Our library will buy the 2 Loani Prior tea cosy books. As a group we will also buy a subscription to Rowan magazine and the English version of Burda magazine for our library.

 Guild 25th anniversary
Knitted Leaves needed - Alison has pattern and silver yarn from which they are to be knitted.
There will be a display of the Guild members projects at the Craft and Quilt Show in June at Darling Harbour. The display will be in a glass front cabinet and silver leaves will connect all the displays. Leaves need to be done by March.
We need to enter a group photo and five examples of our group’s work to represent us. Terry volunteered to be our group representative. Display items need to be in by April. All members are invited to submit entries in February, the five items will be chosen by popular vote.
Membership Fees
Merrin has asked if at all possible we pay out annual subscription membership renewals by direct deposit or sending to Knitters Guild head office . The accounting shows us doubling up on income if we give them to Ann. If you do so please let Ann know that you have renewed.

Retail guest
Bev Cooper from Belisa Cashmere came to sell us her lovely yarns and patterns.
Bev has organized a visit to Australia by Galena, an expert in Orenburg Lace. We have accepted an offer to have Galena with us for the weekend 26th - 27th March 2011. The cost for the weekend will be $120 plus about $25 for materials. The group will cover the cost of rent.

Next month
Keith Ainsworth book sale - cash only
Please bring small plate of food for Christmas party

Reminder: Knitters' Guild of NSW Annual General Meeting
Saturday, 5th March, 2012, 11am: Target Theatre, Powerhouse Museum, Harris Street, Ultimo.
Nominations are hereby called for the following positions and should be submitted in writing to the Returning Officer on the Nomination form, no later than Friday, January 28th, 2011.
President (1)
Vice President (2)
Secretary (1)
Treasurer (1)
Executive Committee Members (4)

Sunday, 31 October 2010

October 2010 meeting

Guild News

The second Guild crochet group will now be meeting at Epping on the 2nd Monday of the month from 12.30- 2.30 .

There will be a Lace Workshop on November 7th Sunday , from 10-4 with Smila Smithers. $40 for members $50 non-members . Contact Yvonne for details, which can also be found on the Guild website.

Next year’s camp at Kurri Kurri has been booked for the October long weekend. Helpers are needed by the executive for many tasks such as general administration and workshops. Please contact Eleanor if you can help.

St Ives Show approached the Guild and asked if a Guild group could take on some of the work for the show in May 2010. The group would help with work on the schedule, judging, be on-site for receipt of entries and displaying . We will contact Penrith show to see whether they would like this sort of collaboration with our group. Most people at the meeting agreed that they would like to be involved at this level. Alison will make the necessary contact

A member of the Guild has shown an interest to set up a new group in Castle Hill . Please contact Merrin if you know of interested people or possible venues.

The Guild requires tutors for workshops to various groups. Please contact the Standards Committee if you wish to teach a workshop.

The Guild requires a CPA with the expertise to audit their accounts . This will be an unpaid job for someone outside of the Guild. If you know of anyone who may volunteer, please contact Merrin.

Our Meeting

Merrin was welcomed on her official visit as Guild President.

Welcome to our visitors, Fiona, Rhonda and Diane. We hope you had a good time and will join us again.

It was a fairly quiet meeting as snow had been falling on the Mountains.

Fiona Donovan was to give a workshop on Colour Theory in Knitting but was unable to attend. Her hard drive was corrupted and all her notes and presentation were lost. She will reschedule for next year.

If you have any suggestions for workshops please contact Vicki Hughes as we need to finalize the 2011 workshop list next meeting so that it can be printed up and handed out for the December meeting.

Dates for your Diary

The Red Cow group meets on the 1st Sunday of the month at 1.30 upstairs at the Red Cow pub opposite Penrith station. Nice lunch and lots of laughs.

Emu Plains craft group meets on the 2nd and the 4th Wednesday at Emu Plains Community Centre opposite the Lennox Centre . Morning tea is provided.

Next month
AGM and a retail visit from Belisa Cashmere.
We have to finish early as the room is booked after us.
Afternoon tea roster is Shirley, Lois, Lynne and Meredith .

Vicki Hughes won the raffle.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

September 2010 meeting

Guild News

The meeting with the Easter Show Arts Committee has resulted in changes to the schedule to include new categories such as Intarsia, Young People, Tea Cosies and Accessories. The Guild will now work with the Arts Committee to continue work on the schedule and to help with the displays. There were complaints after some articles were damaged in this year’s show. A proposal was put up to have an after show meeting with feedback from Guild members about the Show.

The Guild’s Standards Committee are doing an in-house publication of hints and tips for the show.

There will be a second crochet group meeting on the 4th Monday of every month from 12.30 to 2.30 at Epping.

We have been advised that the Australian Defence Force no longer needs helmet liners . Alison will know more at the next meeting.

Our Meeting

Welcome to the visitors (Julie and Therese) from the West Ryde group. We hope you enjoyed our visit.

Alison will start a suggestion book that will be kept near the sign in book. Please write in any workshops or changes that you would like to see happen. One suggestion was to purchase more books for the group especially the two Loani Prior tea cosy books. Another was to get-together and make tea cosies to enter in the Morpeth show.

Congratulations to Joanne who won a prize at the Penrith Show. Joanne urged us all to enter next year .

Retail: We welcomed Michelle from Wooldancer who came to talk about her lovely spinning fiber and yarns. Her young daughter Alia showed us her handknits that won a prize at the Bendigo show. She made a hat a bag and a scarf from yarn that she spun herself.

Workshop: Our workshop was cast-on techniques with Lynne. Her guide was Montse Stanley's fabulous The Hand Knitter's Handbook. Lynne talked about the loop cast-on , two-stranded (long tail) cast-on and tubular cast on, and how to choose the right cast-on for your project. Thank you for another workshop Lynne. (Written by Diane)

Dates for your Diary

25th and 26th September: Alpaca show at Hawkesbury Race Course. There will be a spinning and knitting competition that Suzanne and Alison will be involved in. Petlins, Virginia Farm , Kurrajong and Springwood Spinning groups will all be there.

Next Month

For our October meeting we will have a stash sale and a talk from Fiona Donovan of the Inner City group on colour. We will also have an Official Visit from the Guild President. For the stash sale please bring your unwanted books and yarn to sell or give away.

The raffle was won by Janette. First Prize was a $25 gift voucher from The Wool Inn. Three balls of yarn were won by Vicki , Robyn and Clare.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Jude Skeers Workshop

An all day workshop with Jude Skeers was held on Saturday 21st August. Jude was very gererous with his knowledge, expertise and gifts of "Moda Vera" yarn from Spotlight - thanks Jude.

We worked very hard learning all the techniques to create mobius knitting. The cast on proved very difficult for some but we all mastered it in the end. In the first part of the workshop we knitted a sample piece so that we could learn the techniques. After morning tea we cast on for the "real thing". Keeping an eye on increases and decreases was a challenge so there wasn't a lot of chatter in the room. No one finished their wrap before the end of the workshop so we look forward to seeing wraps in  future meetings.

Thank you, Jude, for pushing us to to what we thought was impossible!

August 2010 meeting

Guild News

There will be a lace knitting workshop held at the Epping Centre on a yet to be determined date. The tutor will be Smila Smithers. Please keep an eye on your newsletter or contact Yvonne (NSW Knitters' Guild) for further details.

Sally Ogilvie has been appointed as Publicity Officer for the Knitters' Guild of NSW. She will be responsible for promoting the Guild and its activities at craft shows and will handle media enquiries.

A new Guild group called South Village is being established in the Bundanoon area. New groups are looking at being set up in the Blacktown and Campbelltown areas. To start a new group you need 10 members. Anyone interested can contact Merrin. There is some discussion of this on the NSW Knitters Group on Ravelry.

In the last newsletter there was a pattern for caps for Australian Armed Forces. The Guild is in discussions at present as to whether these are suitable.

Camp organizers are required for next year’s Guild Camp at Kurri Kurri.

Please contact Kris at the Guild if you have any information for the Guild website such as patterns, workshops or charity knitting details.

Dates for your Diary
28 – 29 August: Signatur Knits open day; 99 Ballyshannon Rd Killarney Heights
Hours: Sat - 10am to 4pm; Sun - 1pm - 4pm
Up to 40% OFF - Discontinued Designs - Colours - Yarns - All sizes! All lengths! And a Guild discount.

"Show and Tell" was a big hit this month with Venetta as "Master pf Ceremonies". Those of us who missed it are very disappointed - please do it again Venetta!

Next Month
  • Lynne will be giving a workshop on different cast-on techniques. Please bring needles and 2 different coloured yarns as well as a crochet hook.
  • Michelle Snowdon from WoolDancer will be here to sell us fibre and yarn and talk about her business.
  • Afternoon tea will be provided by Monica, Alison , Sharne and Helen
The raffle was won by Shirley and three balls of Yarn Barn yarn were won by Lesley , Helen and Shirley .

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Feral Knitting Workshop - Lynne Johnson

On Saturday 17th July an all day Feral Knitting Workshop was held with Lynne Johnson as guest tutor. Everyone who attended had a fun time. Lynne has a way of drawing people to use skills they didn't realise they had and everyone produce a work of art without a pattern!

Thank you, Lynne, for your patience and inspiration.

July 2010 meeting

Dates for your diary
  • 24 July: Spotlight knitting party
  • 7 August (9am - 3pm): private sale of knitting, cross-stitch, patchwork and dressmaking supplies in Castle Hill; email for more details
  • 30 October: lace workshop with Smila Smithers at the West Ryde group - see Ally for more details
Kurrajong Back to Back Challenge raised $10,700 for breast cancer research.

Terry is teaching Knitting Level One at Katoomba, Tuesdays 10am-noon, for 8 weeks. Cost $164. Lessons at his home can be arranged.

We received an email from The Yarn Barn in Victoria offering us a sample pack of 27 balls of yarn (9 x 3 balls of each). These will be offered as raffle prizes. A response has been sent thanking them for the offer.

Retail: We welcomed Suzanne's House of Wool today. She had hand-dyed and handspun yarn and fibres for spinning available.

Next month
Afternoon tea roster: Margaret P, Meera V, Bev C, Marilyn B.
More volunteers are needed for coming months. Please speak to Ally.

All day workshop on Mobius knitting with Jude Skeers. Please bring interchangeable circular needles, 8, 10 or 12 ply yarn and 3 or 4 ply yarn. Bring your own lunch.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

June 2010


Direct Deposit has now been approved for payment of membership fees. Please a copy of the deposit form with your membership form and put a reference of some sort, e.g. your name or member number, on the deposit form.

The Guild Ravlery Group now has 73 members.

Members of the Guild have access to advice from a professional conservator, Tamara Lavrencic, who works for The Historic House Trust of NSW and was the guest speaker at the 2101 AGM. Questions to her can be sent either via Ravelry or the Guild Website or via the post addressed to The Secretary Kate Venn at the Knitters Guild.

The Guild will appoint a Publicity Officer in the next few months. The PO will be responsible for all Guild publicity and to assist with media enquiries.

2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Knitters’ Guild of NSW. There will be a double page spread regarding this in the next newsletter.

The display at next year's Stitches and Craft Show (June 2011) will be “Christmas in July”. A knitted Xmas dinner, including a turkey, will be featured. Volunteers are needed to knit silver leaves for this display. Yarn will be supplied. please leave your name with Ally if you can help. Members are also asked to supply objects of interest to display.

Because The Knitters’ Guild of NSW has a reciprocal agreement with The Spinners and Weavers Guild of NSW, members of one can attend the workshops of the other for member price. A list of workshops of the Spinners and Weavers Guild van be found at


Jenny and Phil Dunne from Virginia Farm Woolworks were our guest retailers. Jenny gave a talk on needle felting, showing three different gauges of needles .The needles have small barbs at the end that tangle the fibres. The meanings of terms like roving and wool top were explained. Jenny recommends wool top as the best for needle felting .The coarser the fleece the easier and quicker the results will be. Needle felting is quick but not as fine as wet felting. You can make balls, teddies and flowers for brooches. Knitted garments can be decorated with needle felting. The longer you work it the more solid and finer the felt will be. Start with a coarse needle and slowly work your way down to a finer one.

Instructions for making a ball
Put a bell into a pill bottle and wrap the bottle in wool and start poking it with the needle to felt it. Be careful not to hit the bottle as the tips of the needle break easily. Work your way around so as to keep it a sphere. These can then be embellished by felting different coloured tops or commercial wool onto it. These balls are great for cats and small children as they tinkle when they roll.

Items available from Virginia Farm Woolworks
many coloured tops
needles in different gauges
a Wooden Needle Felting Handle which holds five needles ($29.95)
books on needle felting

RETAIL (Jenny Dunne in pink, Phil in background)

The teams at the Back to Back Challenge at Kurrajong didn't do as well as last year. From sheep’s back to finished jumper took 7 ½ hours this year as the fleece was very sticky from all the rain that we have had. Over $10,000 was raised for Breast Cancer research. The raffle prize was a hand-painted spinning wheel and was won by our convenor, Alison.

The NSW Knitters Guild Website Made Easy

This intarsia blanket was made after being inspired by a Liz Gemmell workshop . Judy brought this to show newcomerswhat the Guild can do for you.

The raffle was won by Denise.

All day workshop with Lynne Johnson on feral knitting and colour work starting at 9.30am. $40 per member and $50 for non-members. Please bring your own lunch. Morning and afternoon tea supplied.

Retail : Susanne's House of Wool selling hand dyed roving and yarns.

Afternoon tea: Robyn G, Robyn C, Denise and Stanis.
PLEASE NOTE: We need more volunteers for the next six month's roster

photo of our second youngest "member"

Saturday, 22 May 2010

May meeting

Executive Business:

A Ravelry Group is being set up for the Knitters Guild of NSW. It will have threads discussing events but not Guild business, please use the Guild website member login for that.

Next year the Guild is 25 years old. Ideas are being formulated as to celebrations. There will be a competition with prizes. There will be a formal dinner table presentation with all items hand knitted including a turkey. We will need volunteers to knit silver leaves by August. Alison will have more details at the June meeting as nothing is finalized yet.

Group News
A wool winder and a swift are now available during meetings. You are more than welcome to bring your skeins to the group and wind them.

Alison and Kris are setting up an email group for our group; please make sure that Alison has your correct email details.

Diary Dates

Sunday 6th June  - Back to Back Challenge - 1665 Bells Line of Roads, Kurrajong from 8am till finished. One of our group, Suzanne, will be in the team again. It is a really good family day with exhibits, and items for sale.

Monday 7th June  - annual ABC - "Wrap with Love" Knit In  - ABC, Harris Street, Ultimo, from 7am Details can be found here. Other Knit In venues on 7th June are:
* Penrith Library 9.30am - 3pm (tea and coffee supplied). Bring 8 ply wool and needles.
* Springwood and Katoomba libraries 10am-noon
* Springwood Pool

Saturday 12th June - World Wide Knit In Public (WWKIP) Day - Abraham Mott Hall, The Rocks from 1.30 - 5.30 with loads of fun and raffles.

Thursday 17th June - WWKIP - Epping Library, 9am - noon.

16th - 20th June - Craft and Quilt Fair  - Darling Harbour.
The theme for this year's Guild exhibit is "Christmas in July". If you want to contribute or help contact Veronica Moschione.

knitting for charity

Guardian Angel Knitting is a partnership between Guardian pharmacies and the Salvos. Spotlight is selling discount yarn to use in the making of sweaters for the charity. Details in a Guardian pharmacy or here. Knitting must be finished by 31st July 2010.

Local events:

The Red Cow group meets upstairs at The Red Cow Hotel opposite Penrith station from 1.30 - 4.00 on the first Sunday every month.

Penrith library has a Knit In on the first Monday of the month from 10 am.

Retail: Lush Yarn

Marie from Lush Yarn had a large selection of merino and merino/silk and cashmere blends. She was also selling buttons, shawl pins and books. Sadly, Marie will no longer be part of the Lush team; she has chosen to to spend more time with her boys. We wish her well.

Michelle from Lush Yarn will continue the website and clubs.

Workshop (written by Diane)

Lynne Byass gave a workshop on slip stitch colour work; another technique new to me. It is quite simple and effective once you get the hang of it. Lynne brought books and samples for us to look at. Very interesting, thank you Lynne.

Show and Tell

Forthcoming meetings and workshops
Next meeting Jenny Dunne from Virginia Farm Woolworks will give us a demonstration of needle felting. She will also have fibre, yarn and spinning tools for sale.

Vicki needs the money now for the Jude Skeers workshop in August and the Lynne Johnson workshop in July; $40 each please.

The raffle was won by Yvonne.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

April meeting

The executive has asked that convenors all get a copy of each month’s minutes so that all groups will know what is happening in all the other groups in their Guild.

An official Knitters Guild Ravelry group, moderated by Redambition (Isabel) and KatieV (Kate), is to be established. It will be for discussion and announcements only. To join Ravelry, it is free and fun to use.

All official Guild business only be available (members only) on the Guild website To join, email Kris Howard through the website who will email you a password.

The Secretary is seeking information about workshops that are being held throughout the Guild.

The Guild is holding a Moebius workshop 22 May and a baby jacket workshop May 29-30 at the Epping Community Centre.

Tutors are required for country groups. If you can help, please contact Kate Venn.

Free patterns are needed for the Guild website; if you have one that isn't a breach of copyright please contact Kris.

Sally Ogilvie has put together a list of charities and their requirements for knitting. This list is available on the Guild website. If you know of one that isn't listed, please let Sally or Kris know.

Epping Group is holding “the Biggest Morning Tea” on May 17th Monday at 10 am and will include a tea cosy competition.

Please check the Guild website for events held by other groups and feel free to visit them.

If you do not or have not received a newsletter, hardcopy or email, please contact the newsletter editor.

The largest Guild group is the Inner City with 61 members, we are second.

National Alpaca week: 1-9 May. Many farms will be open to the public. Details are here Please contact Deb on 0408 868494 if you want to display alpaca garments or fibre or demonstrate knitting or spinning with alpaca.

Entries for the St Ives show will close on 7 May.

The Lawson Quilt and Fibre Arts Show is on 15-19 September. If you wish to enter items for sale or display, please contact Cheryl Adams 47591823.

Our July workshop is with Lynn Johnson on feral knitting/colour work. Those attending need to pay Vicki $40 next month.

Merrin stood down as Group Convenor. She was thanked for all her hard work. Alison was nominated by Kate and seconded by Donna and elected unanimously as our new Convenor and will take over from next month.

Sally Olgivie, PomPom on Ravelry and the face behind Winterwarm in Sydney and Sydney's Knit in Public Day, is in hospital having broken her hip in a fall. You can send get well wishes via her blog or Ravelry .

Bess and Anita from The Wool Inn tutored a workshop on crocheting the Hungarian rug. It is a great way to use up a stash of wool. The pattern is on Ravelry as the Wool Eater Blanket but it is easier if shown the techniques. Anita and Bess are happy for anyone to drop in at the shop if they need help. Quite a few of us made it to the 4th round and got the hang of it. Thank you both for your time and patience.

Retail – Lush Yarns
Workshop - slip-stitch colour work; will be facilitated by Lynne. Please bring two balls of different coloured yarn and needles to go with that ply.
Afternoon tea will be provided by Maree, Vicki, Anne and Laurel.

Two prizes:
Wool Inn Voucher won by Clair C
Lantern Moon Needles won by Marta (visitor)

Friday, 26 March 2010

March meeting

Visitors, Angie, Kay and Laurel, were welcomed.
Merrin is now president of The Knitters Guild of NSW
Merrin is stepping down as our convenor. We wish to thank her for her years as convenor and secretary and wish her well in her new role.
Merrin visited the Southern Highlands group and has a copy of a very clever one piece slipper pattern from them. If you would like a copy please see Merrin.
There are two extra raffle prizes this month as Evelyn and Rex Reynolds donated two balls of wool at the last meeting.
More names are needed on the afternoon tea roster.

Blacktown Show
1st prize – Shawl – Merrin
Castle Hill Show
1st prize – Aran – Merrin
2nd prize – Handspun other than wool – bamboo – Suzanne
1st prize – Garment made of alpaca fiber – Suzanne
1st prize – Specimen of handspun alpaca – Suzanne
1st prize – Handmade article made from handspun yarn – Suzanne
1st prize – Specimen of fine handspun wool – Suzanne
Annual Show champion Spinning K1-K5 – Suzanne
Well done to the both of you.

  • 11 April – Up the M4 Ravelry knitting group are meeting at upstairs The Red Cow, Jane St Penrith, 1:30pm.
  • CANCELLED 14-18 April – The Stitches and Craft Show; Technology Park, Redfern. Sally will be collecting for Winter Warmers (hats for children in Afghanistan) at the Show Sunday 14th April only. Sally will also represent Winter Warmers at the in Show August at the Rosehill Racecourse.
  • 17 July – workshop – Lynne Johnson – Feral knitting – all day; $40 for members; money must be paid at the April meeting.
  • 21 August – workshop – Jude Skeers – Moebius knitting – all day; $40 for members; money must be paid at the April meeting.
  • 17 September – The Lawson Public School P&C Art and Craft Show; submissions of work in knitting, crocheting, quilting and/or felting for exhibition and sale are invited. Please contact Cheryl Adams 47591823 if interested.
  • 16 October – Members’ Annual Stash Sale; clean out your cupboards and bring unwanted fibre, yarn and books.
Anita from The Wool Inn showed us this year’s Jo Sharp designs. They are quite versatile. Cardigans that can be worn two ways, bustiers and coats. We can try them on and look at them in her store until the end of March.

Vicki taught us how to use our strange-looking Tunisian crochet hooks. They look like a crocket hook on the ned of a straight knitting needle. Each participant was given individual attention so that we got the hang of this strange technique. It makes quite a thick fabric that would be ideal for towels and face washers. Thank you Vicki for an interesting and informative workshop.

Anita will be teaching us how to make a very special Hungarian rug. You need to bring 5 different colours of 8 ply yarn and a 5mm crochet hook . To finish the rug you need approx 20 balls of yarn. Anita recommends yarn made of wool for this rug and has kits of colourways in the store for $80.

Afternoon tea will be provided by Lynne, Susan, Merrin and Rosalin.


Wool Inn voucher - Annette
skein of wool - Merrin and Judy

We start them young at the Blue Mountains group!

Monday, 8 March 2010

February 2010

Merrin circulated copies of Guild correspondence relating to the AGM and elections. Included was the letter of resignation from Jenny Chioatto in protest of the way the Executive treated nominations. Nominations were called for last year to be with the returning officer by January 28 2010. On the form it stated that nominator and nominee must be full financial members. The dispute is about WHEN you must be financial. It states at the date of nomination on the form. When the nominations were put to the executive it was decided that four were not valid due to lack of membership renewal by January 29th. The returning officer is entitled by law to notify those with irregularities so that they may be fixed. This did not happen. The Executive voting on this matter is considered to be a conflict of interest. We have submitted as a group a letter of our concern over this matter. It is hoped that 2010 will be one of review to clear up any anomalies so that this will not happen again. All are welcome to come to the AGM.

The Knitters' Guild of NSW AGM will be held on March 6th 2010 at the Target Theatre in The Powerhouse Museum at 11.00.

All members of the Guild are encouraged to use the official Knitters Guild website. To access all forums contact Kris Howard and she will get straight back to you with a password. The address for the website is

Congratulations to Susan and Damien on the birth of their son, Benjamin.

Vicki is taking names for the July and August workshops. Monies will have to be paid in advance. Limit for Jude Skeers workshop is 10 and the Feral Knitting workshop is 15.

Suzanne will purchase a ball winder and swift for members; use at group meetings.

Additions to the library: Knitting Fashion and Glorious Knitting.

The Blacktown Show was on the same weekend as the February meeting and Merrin entered knitting.

  • Castle Hill show entries close Friday 26th February , the show is on 12th-14th March.
  • The Stitches and Craft show which was to have been held in February has been postponed. It will now be held 14th-16th April at the Technology Park at Redfern.
  • The Craft Expo will be on at The Dome, Olympic Park;  11th-14th March.
  • Textile Fibre Forum; Orange; 11th-17th April. Many retail stalls will be there. Fleece and yarn, books and buttons, etc.  9-5 each day. There are still vacancies in Liz Gemmell's class if anyone is interested.
  • Berry Muster - first weekend in July
We had a visit from Rex and Evelyn Reynolds. They showed us the latest in sock wool. Evelyn showed many of the hand knitted blankets she had made over the years. She has the yarn and pattern to make log cabin square blankets on which she is now working.

Lynne presented a workshop in Double Knitting that was fun and educational. As always Lynne explained it all very clearly. Many of us had never heard of this technique before. (report from Diane)

There was a great variety in Show and Tell - socks, blankets, lace in progress, scarves and garments from mitred squares.

The raffle was won by Robyn.

  • Anita from The Wool Inn will visit and will bring some garments from Jo Sharp.
  • Vicki will conduct a workshop in Tunisian crochet. Please bring a Tunisian crochet hook and yarn. The hook will need to be a couple of sizes bigger than you would normally use for that yarn. That is, for 8ply bring a 6mm hook. Tunisian crochet hooks are avaialbe from The Wool Inn.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

January 2010

  • Membership is due by 28 February 2010. Blue Mountains group members are invited to pay the convenor who will then write a cheque for the Guild.
  • Some groups are trialling Direct Deposit to the Guild account, if it goes well then it will be implemented across all groups.
  • The Knitters' Guild of NSW Annual General Meeting will be held in the Target Theatre at the Powerhouse Museum on Saturday 6 March at 11am. Nominations have been received for executive positions and members are reminded that they must be financial members and present at the AGM to vote.
  • A swift and a wool winder are to be purchased for use at meetings only.
  • If anyone is doing the Guild Achievement Certificates, please bring your work to future meetings so it can be seen and admired.
  • If you need assistance with any knitting problem, please don't hesistate to ask. There is very likely to be someone here who can help.
  • 3 February: online entries for the RAS Easter Show close. Entry fee is $10 per item.
  • 10-14 February 2010: The Rosehill Craft Fair. Winterwarmers (Sally) will be at the Fair on the top level on Sunday only. You can donate to Winterwarm or just knit something at the knit bar. All items for Winterwarm must be wool.
    Please note that this event has been postponed and will now be held 17-18 April at Sydney Technology Park.
  • 19-21 February: Blacktown Show  Entry fee is $2 per item and if you enter 5 items you can get into the show for free. Items can be deposited at the show on the Monday and Tuesday (16th and 17th) between 5 and 8pm. The show is held at Blacktown Showground on the corner of Richmond and Balmoral Road. Merrin has entry forms. They didn't have many entries in last years show so please consider entering.
  • 12-14 March: Castle Hill Show
  • 23-25 April: Hawkesbury Show
  • afternoon tea  - Margaret S, Noreen, Venetta and Lesley
  • printed copies of our calendar will be available
  • workshop: double knitting - please bring two different colours of yarn in the same weight (eg 8ply) and the appropriate straight or circular needles for your yarn. Yarn may be natural or synthetic fibres.