Sunday, 22 April 2007

A quiet but productive meeting

This month's meeting was quiet with several members away at the TAFTA Fibre Forum in Orange. The planned workshop was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances and was substituted with a Q&A session.

We were pleased to welcome one visitor; Lois, we trust you enjoyed yourself and hope that we will see you at future meetings.

The raffle was won by Joanne, a fitting (if coincidental) thanks for putting all the tables and half the chairs out unaided before the meeting. Her prize was a gift voucher from The Wool Inn.

Many beautiful items were displayed during Show and Tell. Three ladies were or had been knitting for the Aids babies in Malawi. Janette had a whole pile of finished jumpers - they were so cute. The pattern has now been revised to include longer sleeves, and there are also patterns for a larger size and for an orphan's comfort doll. The links to these patterns and the story of the couple organising the project are now in the sidebar. Also, because it was requested by several members, the link to the online group, Knit4Charities, is also in the side bar.

Rosemary told us of a woman who spins her own yarn and sells it at the Blue Gum Markets, which are held at Springwood Public School on the 4th Saturday of every month. Rosemary also bought a handmade 'Knitting Nancy' (for French knitting) at the same markets.

Entries for the Scarf Exchange have now closed and participants will soon be notified about the knitting requirements of their recipient.

Congratulations to Merrin for running the meeting so well in Kate's absence.

Members are reminded that 19 May is the end of our one skein challenge, and that items will be "showed and told" at the next meeting.