Monday, 17 September 2007

September meeting and lace workshop

It was a long but fruitful day for those who attended Raelene's workshop on lace. Is that knitted lace or lace knitting? Is there a difference? Yes, but you had to be at the workshop to find out! We learnt a provisional cast on and a crocheted cast on. We then knitted several repeats of Feather and Fan before beginning the knitted-on border - a six row pattern that kept increasing and decreasing in stitch numbers - concentration was definitely required! A sample was blocked - it's amazing how big that handful of knitting becomes! And the best thing about traditional lace (apart from it's beauty) - little or no sewing!

The long-awaited scarf exchange took place - some beautiful, interesting and colourful scarves were swapped and admired.

Diane Schebli won the raffle: a $25 gift voucher from the Wool Inn - thanks Anita.

David's work in progress - Alice Starmore's fair isle pattern: Henry VIII - was much admired! Has he really only been knitting again for just over a year?

There has been a change to the calendar: the November meeting will have a workshop on grafting - both stocking stitch and garter stitch; thanks, Raelene, we are all looking forward to it so that we can join our lace pieces together! Members wishing to attend the workshop are asked to bring two small pieces of garter stitch and two small pieces of stocking stitch on the needles; please do not cast off! You will also need a wool needle and a length of the yarn that was used to knit the samples.

The October meeting will feature a talk on dry felting by Jenny Dunn and a display from Virginia Farm Woolworks.