Sunday, 29 July 2007

July meeting

Congratulations to Merrin on a well-run meeting in the absence of our leader, Kate, who was sick at home.

Members were reminded that the Begleys in Victoria are not accepting any more donations of jumpers for AIDS orphans; however, Denise, who represents Operation Christmas Child, is accepting the jumpers for inclusion in the shoe-boxes.

After the general business of the meeting, some members offered their favourite knitting tips. One, learnt from Liz Gemmell, is to weigh a finished article if you need to knit a second article and can't remember how much yarn you actually used. Of course, this only works if knitting in a similar yarn; one can't compare 8ply mohair with 8ply pure wool. An extension of this idea would be to weigh the first sleeve to determine if you have enough yarn to complete the second sleeve. Also, if knitting small items, like babies' jumpers, using odd balls, weigh the original garment to determine if you have enough yarn to complete another! You can mix and match odd balls of yarn to create the right weight! Digital kitchen scales are ideal for weighing yarn as they weigh as little as 1 gram.

Another tip: use corks from wine bottle (some non-alcoholic wines also use corks) as point protectors for your needles and to keep the knitting from sliding off the needles while travelling. One member has been using the same cork for over 30 years!

A workshop was held on the use of two circulars for knitting in the round. Each participant who didn't bring two circulars was given two to practice with - great preparation, Margaret. The technique, while relatively simple, was much easier to understand when practised rather than observed. Margaret also gave a demonstration and practical help to anyone wanting to try knitting in the round on one circular, also known as the magic loop method. Thank you, Margaret, for simple and clear instructions on both methods.

Many interesting items were shown during Show 'n' Tell, including a pair of knee high socks knitted on two needles that have been on the needles for over thirty years! No raffle was held due to unforeseen circumstances.

Our condolences to Merrin on the recent loss of her father.