Thursday, 22 November 2007

November meeting and AGM

Our new executive:
Convener - Merrin
Secretary - Cheyne
Treasurer - Rosemary

Workshops - David
P.R. - Rosemary
Hospitality - Yvonne
Library - Lesley
Blog - Lynne

Congratulations to all incoming executive and volunteers, thanks for taking on these roles. A big thank you to the outgoing treasurer [Merrin] and convener [Kate] - you both did a tremendous job in your respective roles, thank you.

After the official business was ended, a workshop on grafting [Kitchener stitch] for stocking stitch and garter stitch was held - thanks, Raelene, as usual you were helpful, thorough and easy to understand.

Show and Tell brought many beautiful items from knitted lace to a colourful no-pattern cardigan.

The raffle was won by Merrin, second prize by Cheyne.

The December meeting will be a Christmas party; everyone is asked to bring a small plate of food. Ainsworth Books will also be present for some retail therapy - please bring cash only as Ainsworth Books does not take debit/credit cards.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

October meeting

We had a visit from Jenny Dunn from Virginia Farm Wool Works - some retail therapy was involved! Jenny also gave us an inspirational talk on needle felting and dyeing.

Some lovely items were displayed in Show'n'Tell: David's "Henry VIII" is progressing well. Perhaps some photos at the next meeting! Lynne's lace wrap was much admired. The surprise jacket from the front of the last Guild newsletter was shown by Jo - very cute and so small!

The raffle of a gift voucher from The Wool Inn [Penrith] was won by Lois.

Members and guests are reminded that next month's workshop will be on grafting [Kitchener stitch]. Please bring two samples of stocking stitch [2in x 2in - 5cm x 5cm] and two samples of garter stitch to the workshop with you. Make sure all four samples are still on the needles [i.e. four needles - one for each sample]. You will also needs a wool sewing needle and some yarn.

Members are also reminded that next month is our annual general meeting - the position of treasurer is vacant; please consider putting yourself forward - it is not a time consuming task but some mathematical acumen and computer skills would be helpful!