Monday, 27 December 2010

2010 calendar

Please note: This calendar is subject to change.
Please contact the convenor or email the blog author for confirmation.

16 January
Show and Tell and Problem Solving day

20 February 
retail: Rex and Evelyn Reynolds Yarns
workshop: Double Knitting - Lynne

20 March
retail: The Wool Inn - Anita, featuring garments from Jo Sharp
workshop: Tunisian Crochet - Vicki

17 April
retail: The Wool Inn - Anita
workshop: crochet a special rug - Anita

15 May
retail: Lush Yarns - Michelle and Marie
workshop: slip stitch colourwork - Lynne

19 June
retail: Viginia Farm Woolworks - Jenny and Phillip Dunn
demonstration: needle felting

17 July
retail: Suzanne's House of Wool (hand dyed yarns and fibre) - Suzanne
all day workshop: colourwork and feral knitting - with Lynn Johnson $40 (members only)

21 August
all day workshop:  Moebius Knitting - Jude Skeers $40 (members only)

18 September
retail: Wooldancer (hand-dyed and handspun yarns, and fibre) - Michelle Snowdon
workshop:  different cast on techniques - Lynne

16 October
workshop: Colour Theory for Knitting - Fiona Donovan (Inner City group)
members' stash sale

20 November - Annual General Meeting
retail: Belisa Cashmere (yarn) - Bev Cooper

18 December retail: book sale - Keith Ainsworth
Christmas Party

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