Saturday, 28 November 2009

November meeting

We welcomed visitors: Sally, from the Inner City Group; Bev Cooper from Belisa Cashmere and the ladies of the Uniting Church.

  • From 2010 a membership fee of $30 will apply to all members, city or country. Junior membership $15 and family $45.
  • Credit card payments have not been sorted out yet. Blue Mountains members can pay individually by cheque, make a direct deposit to the Guild account (Merrin has the details) or pay The Treasurer who will then write a cheque for a bulk payment from the group. In any case, members will need to complete the renewal form from the next newsletter. If paying through the group or by direct deposit, please give it to Merrin.
  • To enable The Guild to save money, please consider receiving your newsletter online. To do this, please email the email the newsletter editor and let her know.
  • Submissions for the Guild AGM (March 2010) must be received no later than two months before the meeting.
  • All nominations for Executive positions must be made by January 29th 2010.
  • The AGM will be held at the Target Theatre at the Powerhouse Museum at 11am on Saturday 6 March 2010 . The guest speaker will be Tamara Lavrencic, a conservation expert from the Historic Houses Trust of NSW . She will be discussing the care and conservation of treasured items such as photographs, silverware and documents .
  • Welcome to new members to the Blue Mountains Group: Helen, June and Mark.
  • Merrin and Diane attended the Love Lawson Festival on November 14th and manned a stall for the Guild. We had many enquiries about our group and learning to knit classes. The Festival was small this year as it clashed with the Kurrajong Small Farms Day and the Glenbrook Festival.
  • We would like to start a beginners group and introduce a help session at each meeting . If you have a problem mention it at the beginning of our meeting and then if someone there knows the answer they will come and help you.

  •  The minutes from last year were taken as read .
  • All positions were declared vacant and descriptions of the positions given.
  • Convenor's Report:
    We have approximately 65 members.
    We have had workshops this year on perspective with Ruth, crochet with Mavis, sock knitting with Lynne and freeform knitting with Jenny Dowd.
    We held a stash sale, a one skein challenge and had many wonderful Show and Tell sessions.
    We have had many special visitors including Tracey Greenaway who talked to us about quilts, Kris Howard who gave us insight into the Knitternet, Jenny Dowde who taught freeform knitting and Faye Elsworthy who talked us through the requirement for achievement certificates and show judging.
    We have had visits from the following retailers, Anita from the Wool Inn, Rex and Evelyn Reynolds, Jenny Dunn from Virginia Farm Woolworks, Jane Slicer-Smith from Signatur knits and Bev Cooper from Belissa Cashmere.
    Many of our members contributed charity knitting to Wrap with Love and the Winterwarm project.
    Our members have entered and won prizes at the Hawkesbury, St. Ives, Castle Hill and Royal Easter shows.
    Some of the Blue Mountains members represented the Guild at the World Record Knitting with channel 7, the Love Lawson Festival, the Darling Harbour show, the Kurrajong Back-to-Back Challenge, World Wide Knit In Public (WWKIP) Day, the Stitches and Craft show at Rosehill, the Mudgee Muster, The 702 Knit-In and the Small Farms Expo.
  • Elections
    Convenor: Merrin
    Secretary: Diane
    Treasurer: Ann
  • Volunteers
    Workshops: Vicki
    Library: Jo
    Afternoon Tea: Yvonne
    Blog: Lynne
A huge thank you to Marie for our delicions chocolate 10th Birthday cake which was cut by the founding members and enjoyed by members and visitors.

Raffle winner: Ann D.

Next month
Please bring a small plate of food to share for our Christmas party.
Ainsworth books will be here – strictly cash only.
Don’t forget the one skein challenge.

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