Wednesday, 25 January 2012

January 2012


Easter Show 2012

The theme of the display will be an Aussie Backyard. Groups are encouraged to create items for the display. Our group will work on fruits and vegetables. All items will need to be collected for display by 20 March.

Two members have volunteered to coordinate the Easter Show Display they can be contacted by email:

Six to eight volunteers are needed daily at the show: two people from opening to 11am, at least three on between 11am - 7pm and two from 7pm to close. Volunteers will be required to hand out and verbally give info about the Knitters’ Guild, knitting, crochet etc; demonstrate knitting/crochet techniques.

Helen asked anyone who could assist to let her know dates and times that they would be available.

A Graphic Designer is also required create a banner for the Guild that can be used at events

2012 Knitters‘ Guild Knitting, Crochet & Fibre Art Competition

This event, is an opportunity for us all to learn by creating items to a schedule which will be judged and given personal feed-back so that we can improve our techniques, learn new ones and also have an opportunity to see what wonderful things we can all create. There will be classes for novices as well as long-time knitters and crocheters. There will be both traditional classes and more innovative ones.

The entries will be put on public display (venue to be finalised) so that both Guild members and the public can see the diversity and beauty of our craft.


A one skein challenge for October. Items will be displayed anonymously, members will vote, the item with the most votes wins a prize.

There will also be a one skein swap to be exchanged in October, to the value of $30. You will know who you are knitting for. If you would like to be involved, forms need to be completed and returned by the March meeting.

Raffle won by Stannis

Next meeting 18 February 2012

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