Monday, 1 August 2011

July 2011

Many compliments have been received for the Darling Harbour dispay in June. Allan Tremain, a past president of the Guild, was responsible.

Friday 5th August: Knit In ant the ABc studio in Ultimo, for Wrap with Love. There will also be a knit-in at Springwood Aquatic Center at 8 am, Everglades (Leura) at 10 am and Penrith library.

The workshop today was on colour theory which is a very broad topic. We were given a a short talk on the colour wheel, colour in culture and society, and how colour influences us.

Today's retail was The Wool Inn. Anita and Bess brought many yarns to tempt us, including some new yarns from Noro. Anita donated two books to be raffled.

The raffle was won by Donna, Stanis and Bev.

Next month
  • Retail: Rex and Evelyn Reynolds - yarn sales
  • Evelyn will give a short talk on an aspect of knitting
  • Workshop: no sew grafting (as demonstrated by Galena Khmeleva). Please bring two small samples of garter stitch, 20 rows on 10 stitches and leave live stitches on separate needles.
  • afternoon tea: Penny, Yvonne and Ann

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