Monday, 26 February 2007

Feral and Oddball Knitting Workshop

On Saturday, several members of our knitters' group met at Blaxland Community Centre
for a full-day workshop with Lynne Johnson.

Lynne's work is very colourful and highly textured.
Yet, by the end of the day, we realised that we could knit like that too!!
The basic shape for the day's workshop was a diamond and all the garments Lynne showed us were made without patterns. One of her secrets: lots of knitted samples (swatches, tension squares). And a time-saving tip: Lynne often leaves the ends of her work hanging out making a feature of them.
Lynne is writing a book so we can't publish photos of her finished works but here are some snippets to whet your appetite. The first photo shows three different projects: a vest in autumn tonings in the background, a red shawl in the foreground and an item in super garter stitch peeking in from the right. The second photo shows more of the item in super garter stitch, a technique which Lynne taught at the workshop.
Lynne has been invited back for another workshop in winter 2008 so book in early!

Thanks to Donna and her team for organising such a wonderful day.

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